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Walker was owned by an amazing woman in Tehachapi, Ca.  She bought him as a yearling in 2004. She had started him under saddle as a four-year-old in hopes of showing him as a Western Pleasure horse. But, before she was ever able to take him to a show, she suddenly passed away in August of 2010, at just fifty-one years old. She and her family were our neighbors. As our relationship with this family developed after her passing, Walker was given to my daughter Hannah in the summer of 2012, with  the proviso that I would always make sure he was well-cared for. 


Hannah did some barrel racing with him in High School Rodeo. She then took him with her after graduation to Utah, Montana, and Oregon, where she worked cattle off of him doing ranch work such as branding, herding, and driving cattle to different pastures.  Upon her move to Texas, where she now works with professional cutting horses and barrel racing horses, she was worried that she would not have the time for Walker that he deserved since she would no longer be doing ranch work.  Her days would now be filled caring for and riding other people’s horses in order to make a living.  She asked if he could come home to me and be used here in therapy and camps. That was my promise to Walker’s original family, and I planned to keep it, so Walker returned home to MOP in August of 2014.


Walker adores people and loves children, so he has been useful in camps, as well as in therapy.  He is also one of our lesson horses, and he is very patient with beginners. He is so good that an experienced rider can ride him bridle-less. In addition, Walker is an amazing trail horse. He is also a very easy horse to "pony," so we  use him for inexperienced riders on the trail where he is "ponied," or led, by a rider on another horse.


His BFF is my horse, Romeo. They work very well together and love a good race out on the trail! (Walker usually wins!)

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