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At Mea Ola's Place, we encourage new horse owners as well as experienced horse owners to adopt a rescued horse. We carefully screen each new family and match them with a horse that will suit their needs, abilities and desires. This is a process that can take weeks. So, when inquiring about a horse to adopt, please be prepared to spend some time here at Mea Ola's Place with the horse you choose. We want to make sure that you have time to get to know your horse and that the horse has time to get to know you. We do require a home check, veterinary reference, and a farrier reference during the process.


The adoption contract is  somewhat extensive, but we are placing a horse in a lifetime home, or else that horse must come back to MOP. As an adopter, you cannot sell, give away, or breed a horse adopted from Mea Ola's Place. These are just a few initial agreements you would need to agree to before adopting a horse from MOP.  


If you are willing to adhere to these initial guidelines and agreements, then you would certainly be a candidate to adopt a horse from MOP and become part our extended family!


Call or email for more information or to meet any of the horses. 


661 557 2680

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