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Porky was a joint auction rescue with another rescue on 2/16/16.  He was just under 14 hh, but I'll bet he weighed 950 pounds! He was Heavy. We call him Porky and here's why. This little guy was ALL about food. He didn't stop asking for it, even when he had a full feeder of hay. Sorry Porky, no treats for you, except maybe a piece of carrot a couple times a day. We need to get you to a good healthy weight. 

Porky had probably foundered by the looks of his feet.













Being overweight like this is not good for a horse. It can cause so many problems...founder (laminitis) being the most prevalent.  It can be the beginning of the end for a horse. The good news is ...he was not really lame. I am incredibly hopeful that we can get his feet fixed up. He should have a long life ahead of him. By the looks of his teeth, he was no more than 12 years old. 


We were able to get his feet back to normal and he is now sound. Porky's ground manners have greatly improved and he is just as sweet as they come now. Porky was always a favorite in our Kid's Camps!

On Friday, 8/28/18, he will go for a trial period to what will hopefully be his new forever home. He will be a companion for two mini horses. We all think he will do an outstanding job.

Pork Chop Feet.jpg
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