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I Need a Sponsor

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July 26, 2019 - Cindy's owners were struggling with health issues and could no longer financially or physically care for her. The wife is in a wheelchair and the husband has been battling kidney failure and is now in stage 3 renal failure. He is unable to help outside, but that doesn't stop her. She was out watering plants when I arrived this morning to get the whole story behind why they need to find a place for Cindy.
I thought this was going to be a case where I would be coming to MOP supporters asking for help to let Cindy cross the bridge. However, Cindy is still full of life. She is 28, I saw her papers. She is not lame, loves people and still has a lot of life left. She was super happy to have some attention this morning and appears to be extremely kind. She is well trained according to the owners. She is thin and the owners know it. They are desperate for help. The good news is that I have a hunch all she needs is soaked feed. I explained that, but they can’t handle the heavy buckets and with all of the hospital trips it’s just not feasible to stay consistent and care for the horse properly. Obviously she would need a teeth check and exam by a a vet, but usually at this age, they just need soaked food.

I had to cut the visit short as I started to tear up.  Life is just so hard for people sometimes. No two ways about it. And animals can’t care for themselves. We can’t help care for them all either...we can help one life at a time though.
This is what MOP is here for...humans and equines. We decided to bring Cindy to MOP.

I can't express how very much I love our supporters. I came to you asking for funds for a vet visit, and first month's feed (about $450). We also wanted to get a monthly commitment from someone to sponsor Cindy.  We not only reached out goal, we exceeded it and got a sponsor too! Cindy is now at MOP and we have begun to get her back in good health.

Cindy's Owner Says Thank You!

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