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Our Sponsors

Hi....I’m EJ Seifert and I’ve been a MOP member since 2012, prior to Sassy being foaled.I sponsor Rowdy (my wee Stinker) and love him to the moon and back. He never knew he was ill, never knew he shouldn’t be doing some of things he did; like running, jumping and bucking as it was all normal to him, a way to get around.We all followed Ann and Chris in their fight to save his life—give him a normal life, so he could grow into the stunning fella he is today.I thank God every day Dr Sam came into our lives to help with that fight. Through many sleepless nights and days (grabbing a nap here and there) Ann and Chris plus several volunteers helped nurse Rowdy to health overcoming so many health issues. We did it and just look at him today as he plays and runs with his companion Gasston our handsome donkey. That’s a friendship that will last a lifetime and so beautiful to watch them settle their differences. Poor Gasston sure had his hands full at first, ignoring Rowdy’s nips and bites, teaching him that he couldn’t get away with that with patience and love. It takes a village to raise any kid/animal and I’m so blessed to have him in my life. Rowdy is my adopted *kid*


-EJ Seifert (British Columbia, Canada)

March 13th, 2014 (not long after Babs and Tilly arrived) was when my introduction to Mea Ola's Place and the wonderful world of horses began. My name is Lisa Greaves and I support Spider with a partial monthly sponsorship and wish so much that I could do more! I fell in love with Spider from the moment his photo was posted. I was so worried Ann would decide he was too big of a risk ... many prayers and hopes were coming from me while that decision was being made! I was ecstatic when she decided to take him ... though I was under no illusion that this may have only resulted in a humane ending for this precious boy. Spider arrived at Mea Ola's Place on November 3rd, 2014. With the injuries he struggled with, it would be a vast understatement to say that he was merely a "risk". Between a broken pelvis that left one side of his hip several inches shorter than the other, to the infected wound in his leg that looked like a big hole, he had monumental odds to beat. But Spider comes from a heritage that is known for "beating the odds", and did he ever! Watching Ann, with Chris and Dr. Sam (veterinarian extraordinaire) work through all the obstacles they had to face to bring Spider to good health was like watching a docudrama. Always educational ... sometimes with exhilarating highs, and angst ridden lows. This past spring (2015), supporters across the globe gave a collective sigh of relief, joyous whoop and/or victory dance as we saw the news that our Spider was going to beat this!!! I was blessed with the opportunity to meet and spend a week with this special boy in Aug./Sept. of 2015. Ann's love and care for her "miracles" at Mea Ola's Place can be equated to Miracle Gro for plants! For he has grown ... into a beautiful, sweet - and BIG - boy! I love him so much! You are, and always will be our Amazing Spider-man.

-Lisa Greaves (New York)

My granddaughter Reagan and I first discovered Mea Ola’s Place right before Sassy was born. We watched the cams night and day and if it hadn’t been for my husband watching from work, I would have missed it! He called to wake me up and I stumbled in just as Sassy slid to the ground. The next month Reagan traveled from Texas to spend the summer with us in California and I called Ann to ask if we could come visit the rescue. She invited us right down and we had a wonderful day meeting her family and all the horses, feeding Sassy, and Reagan got riding lessons from Ann. This is where it all began, with Mea Ola and Sassy, but there have been many more stories since then. All stories of horses discarded and given up on that have been given a new life of love, care,and purpose. Some have found new lives outside the rescue, some have reached the end of their life and traveled over The Rainbow Bridge, some live their days at MOP. All have one thing in common…….Ann and the love she has for each of them


- Linda Skow (Texas)


Maureen Mehozonek


I have been with MOP since the very beginning. I spent many nights/days “staring” at my computer screen waiting for that special day when our Sassy was born. I have supported MOP monetarily whenever I could and have also supported raffles/ fundraisers by bidding on various items donated by other MOP members. I also contributed whenever it was asked for extra vet care or just whenever any extra money was asked for. For a little over a year, I have been a partial sponsor for Miss Sassy Pants and some months I increase my payment to try and help more. I totally believe in what Ann and Chris are doing for all the animals under their care. I will continue to support MOP in any way that I can. Watching all the antics on the computer screen helps so much after a stressful day at work and I cherish all my new found cyber friends and feel that we are all family. I love that some of them have been able to personally go for a visit and can’t wait to read about their visits online.

Liz Brown


I first found Ann and Mea Ola on Marestare waiting the arrival of our beautiful Sassy. I watched for months as Ann cared for Mea Ola and gained her trust nursing her for hours on end and often through the night, that is when I knew Ann was my kind of people. Most often after a foal is born on Marestare the camera is turned off and you never get to see the babies that are born after that, not Ann, she kept the cameras going and I was able to watch Mea Ola's Place become the wonderful rescue that it is today. Ann,along with Chris and many volunteers have turned Mea Ola's Place into a rescue that I am proud to be able to follow and help in the small way I do. By taking in and caring for and helping the hooved, feathered and furry critters and also helping heal the human critters too, both young and old and in between, Mea Ola's Place a Place for Survivors is top notch in my book, my only hope is someday I will be able to travel in person and meet, hug, and thank these wonderful people whom care so much for other living things.


Long Ear Sponsors

Tiffany Hoover
Kamaya - Full Sponsor
Dolly - Full Sponsor
Cindy - Full Sponsor

Darcy Bauer

Eeyore - Full Sponsor

Linda Skow

Bluebelle - Full Sponsor

Robin Renz

Christian - Full Sponsor

Kendall Richardson
Cassini - Full Sponsor

Emily Martins

Cloudy Bear - Full Sponsor

Sally Reynolds
Cloudy Bear -  Partial Sponsor

Leesa Mahaffey

 Buttercup & Blossom - Full Sponsor

Dawn Darden

Coby - Full Sponsor

Shortcake "Shorty" - Full Sponsor

EJ Seifert

Gasston, Tangy, CC, Jiffy, Poppy - Full Sponsor

Short Ear Sponsors

EJ Seifert

Rowdy - Full Sponsor

Lisa Greaves

Spider - Partial Sponsor

Mary Latorre

Volt - Half Sponsor

Kendall Richardson

Volt - Half Sponsor

Joan Kulifay
Gracie - Full Sponsor

Linda Skow

Sassy - Partial Sponsor

Maureen Mehozonek

Sassy - Partial Sponsor

Theresa Allen

Merlin - Partial Sponsor

General Sponsors

Cindy Clasen
Nicole Cronin
David Sullivan
Kathy Heet
Amanda Miller
Elizabeth Hamels
Priscilla Papke
Lily Smith
Margarita Fox
Christine Lorimer
Christine Stachura
Sharon Hofer
Jeanne Jones
Jennifer Ayala
Paula Snow
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