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Lalainia "Ann" Kline is our founder and President.  

Ann here:

As a child, I rescued anything and everything. Just ask my poor mother. I was also in 4-H and FFA. I have been in Veterinary Medicine since I could legally work in the field (Since 1987). In addition to that, I have done everything from working as an Animal Control Officer(HARD!) to  working show horses in show barns. I have trained Western, English, Saddleseat , and driving horses. I have worked with Quater Horses, Appaloosas, Arabians, American Saddlebreds, National Show Horses, Andalusians, Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds, and Lusitanos. I was an assitant to an Endurance trainer for 2 years, an assistant to three World Class Saddlebred trainers ...and a top notch groom for the largest American Saddlebred Farm in the world...Callaway Hills.  I also had the pleasure of working for John Gosden and Ian Jory (top race horse trainers from the UK in the 1980's)  as their go-to gal with the race horses. I had a gift for calming them before timed works at the track. Horses always loved me...and I LOVED them back! I have facilitated summer camps  and lesson programs in Malibu, Ca,  as well as Somis, Ca, Montecito, Ca, and Santa Barbara, Ca. I gave riding lessons to many others in several states that had been riding longer than I had been alive. I always enjoyed the beginners though and my students always MADE ME PROUD! In addition to all of this, I raised three amazing children. I am blessed beyond measure with the wonderful, responsible, and caring individuals that they have become.

All of my past experiences have set me up for today, I am sure of it.

What I have never said will be said right here. That day in January 2012, when I was asked to "evaluate" horses at animal control to select what was adoptable and be the director of that operation for another Rescue...I did NO CHERRY PICKING. In my estimation, every single life there was worth saving, even if they only had few months left in them!  I saw them there... neglected, abandoned, goodness...go to your local shelter and take a look. From the time I was a teenager I had the vision to put foster children and  abandoned horses together. Both having similar backgrounds, they would be so good for each other.  I expanded on that vision to include therapy, seniors, veterans, and anyone that wanted to experience horses, all while using unwanted horses. Mea Ola's Place was born in August of 2012 when, as the director of the horse rescue operation for another rescue, I was asked to take the horses I had chosen in January, since many were basically unadoptable.The rest is history. I am here to stay. I have gathered and built an amazing team, which has accomplished turning the vision into reality. Please do not give me kudos though.  I just showed up when called, stayed the course, and  kept doing the next right thing. I believe I was just born to do this. 

Team Mea Ola Rocks!

Board Members 
All our board members are volunteers and serve out of the kindness of their hearts

Leslie Davis


Fundraising Coordinator

"Donkey Whisperer"

Nuni Slusser

Equine Exercise Coordinator

Linda Skow

Board Member

Social Media Director


Ranch Manager


Earla Seifert

Board Member

Social Media Director

Lisa Greaves

Board Member

Social Media Administrator

Robin Bowen.jpg

Robin Bowen


Barbara Brennan

Youth Events Coordinator

Leesa Mahaffey


Jennie Scherf

Director of Arts and Crafts

Carole Dougherty

Board Member

Social Media Administrator

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