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Sponsor - Holly Wren

We were contacted by a supporter who asked if we would be willing to take a "stunted" seven-week old calf. The calf had been recently attacked by a coyote but had already healed. Pictures followed and there was absolutely no way we could say no. This little girl is so adorable. She is definitely tiny and we don't know much about her except that her mama was an Angus. She looks very healthy, but we will have the vet examine her. Hopefully the vet will be able to give us some more information about her.  She loves to cuddle. She will rest her head on your shoulder and fall asleep. Chest and neck rubs are also a favorite.

The rancher was going to send this darling little girl to auction. We could not allow that to happen. The rancher thought he could get $250 for her at auction, so that's what he wanted us to pay. Our awesome supporters stepped up to the plate and raised the funds.

Moo Moo (what they were calling her) was transported to Mea Ola's Place in the back seat of a car. She fell asleep during the ride (see the photo). When she arrived, we immediately fell in love with her. We know you will too.  


MOP will be Halia’s forever home. She will not be available for adoption.  Her primary purpose here will be to get lots of hugs, neck and chest rubs.  She will be MOP’s bovine ambassador and will be utilized during Kid’s Camps and Senior Saturdays for educational purposes too.

She already scored a sponsor who has renamed her Halia - "in remembrance of a loved one." 

❤️Scooter❤️an MOP calf that has crossed the rainbow bridge.

Halia and Friends

Halia having some fun...herding turkeys :)

August 29, 2019 - RIP Halia "Mooie"

You brought such joy to Mea Ola's Place.

Graze on lots of green grass over the Rainbow Bridge.

Halia 13.jpg
Halia 5.jpg
Halia Side eye.jpg
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