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Strawberry and Shortcake

We Were Adopted! 10/21/2020

In 2017, when we brought Buttercup and Blue Belle home from the BLM, we also transported Strawberry for a person that wanted to adopt her, not from MOP...from the BLM.  Strawberry boarded here for about 6 weeks for gentling and also because about 2 weeks after arriving...she foaled sweet Shortcake here at MOP. 

In July, 2018, we were alerted by someone who saw Strawberry and Shortcake on Facebook to be rehomed. I called the owner right away and said we would take them to ensure they would get a safe home in the future. Also, Strawberry is not titled so we are in contact with the BLM to straighten that out and until her paperwork is transferred and completed., he cannot be adopted just yet. As a matter of fact, anyone that adopts a BLM horse or burro is not legally allowed to transfer ownership before the animal is titled. Just like most Rescue contracts, the BLM has a requirement that they are supposed to be notified and WILL take an animal back. Technically, Strawberry is still owned by the BLM.

I'm very thankful to have them here. I was the first person Strawberry trusted (I gentled her) and I was the first human to love on Shortcake and show him that humans are friends.

May 16, 2017 - The day Shortcake was born at MOP
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