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Cloudy Bear (aka: Cloudy)

Fully Sponsored by Emily Martins
Extra Sponsor by Sally Reynolds

I Was Adopted! 09/17/2020

Cloudy was an auction save from Mike’s auction in California in January 2018. We were told that Cloudy was brought to auction by a family.  Based on his behavior and demeanor, we are pretty sure he was very well taken care of and was a family pet. We just don't know why Cloudy's family had to relinquish him. We tried to find the family after the auction to at least see if they would tell me his name, but we were not able to locate them.

We believe Cloudy is approximately 10 years old.  He is one of the sweetest donkeys that ever stepped foot on Mea Ola’s Place.  In February 2018, Cloudy had a bad case of pneumonia. We were fortunate to catch it early, but he had to be hospitalized for 3 days. We did a fundraiser to help cover the vet bill. MOP supporters stepped up, once again, and raised enough for the vet bill, take-home medication and had a little left over. We love our supporters!


Cloudy recuperated well while in the hospital but he was so happy to finally come home. Here’s the video of him getting out of the trailer (notice Ruh Roh supervising his homecoming). 

I bet he will slay the obstacle course!


Cloudy will be available for adoption after his castration in the Fall of 2018. He is fully sponsored by Emily Martins, but Sally Reynolds loves him so much, she is partially sponsoring him too.

He is a love bug!

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