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Freckles was an owner surrender in early 2017. At that time, we estimated her to be approximately 24 years old. We do not know her life story, but it does not appear she has ever been abused or neglected. She is such an easy going girl. She is a very well-trained quarter horse mare that is used for lessons, in camps and therapy.  She is only suited for small children and light-weight adults. Freckles will most likely remain at Mea Ola’s Place because it is very difficult to adopt out horses over 20 years old.  She cannot carry much weight due to her older age and has become a little bit sway back.  

In April 2018 Freckles and her four-year-old student Faith participated in a horse show (lead line). They came home with a 2nd place ribbon. It was Faith's first horse show.  

But here is the real story about a girl and her horse (Freckles). Many of you know Freckles from our camps and lessons...and most recently, her lead line show in April 2018.

Well, at the show, Freckles' original breeder was there and recognized the brand on her shoulder (as formerly her's and her ex-husband's) and then the dots on Freckles back feet that gave her that name. She knew this horse. She had bred the mare that gave birth to Freckles and Freckles was a part of their family for the first four years of her life. 

Being a child of the horse business is tough. The daughter in the family had claimed Freckles as her own. She loved Freckles. Most of us young horse gals have had those special horses in our lives that meant the world to us. But, one sad day, she came home to find that Freckles had been sold by her dad. In the horse business, all horses are for sale for the right price usually, and this was her dad's work and business. The daughter was heart broken but never forgot about Freckles. As a matter of fact, she still has the halter that she had made for Freckles when Freckles was just two years old. 

So, at the show, mom called her daughter Kaydee to tell her she had found and sound. Leslie was nearby and could hear the utter excitement on the other end of the phone. But... they wanted the chance to have Freckles back. Arrangements were made for them to visit the Mea Ola's Place and reunite with Freckles. The reunion was just as I expected. tears. 


Freckles has commitments to a lot of little kids this summer (Kid's Camp) that she will fulfill.  Then, she will retire to her birth place and to those who always loved her.

I have been asked if Freckles remembered her "girl." She absolutely did! Horses don't forget. I wish I had taken a video of the reunion.


❤️ The bittersweet of rescue! ❤️

A note from Kaydee's mom: 

No one can ever know the joy of a mother's heart to have found what was her child's lost treasure. In this case a horse who had been so loved and had been lost to her. Years have come and gone but always Kaydee remembered this horse and wished aloud, and often, that she still had her. 
Kaydee's excitement and tears of joy to have found her beloved horse can't be described. Freckles. Standing in front of me at this show. OMG. I sent her pictures. Later thru the kindness of those met at the show, we were able to arrange a visit with her. 
By the grace of God and the kindness of Mea Ola's Place we will soon be able to have her return to our home. This has put a smile on my face. The smile on my daughter's face is tear jerking for me. However, the most happiness I have seen on her face was when she actually touched Freckles again. It again brought me to tears. Thanks will never be enough of a word to describe my appreciation to these wonderful people helping us bring our beautiful horse back to us. We are Blessed.

A note from Kaydee:

 She has grown a bit but that's ok this halter will hang in my house to remind of her as a baby and a new one will hang from her stall reminding me how blessed I am and that she really is mine again ,this time forever.... words can not begin to describe my happiness, excitement and gratitude to you for letting me get my baby back. Thank you from the bottom of my heart...

Freckles gave her last lesson on Sunday, September 23, 2018. We had a little going away party for her with a cake. On Friday, September 28, she will be going back to her first owner. They are excited to be getting her back. We are sad to see her go, but are excited for her future. 

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