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I Need a Sponsor

Yes, she's a BEAUTY!  She is half Andalusian and half Quarter horse. At just 10 years old, Dancer was in need of a home after an injury to a rear tendon left her unable to continue her job as a jumper and lesson horse. She needed time to heal and at a busy show barn, that's pretty impossible.

We will get ultrasound of her tendon to see if she will be a candidate for adoption. She appears as sound as can be at this point, but we will need to make sure she is completely healed and determine what sort of riding our vets believe she can handle going forward. Until then, she's a love bug and gentle as can be with young and old.  She loves children and we will continue to use her in our camps.  She is currently Merlin's BFF.

Dancer was fortunate to have a sponsor for awhile but she is unable to continue to sponsor him due to financial hardship. She does still come visit to give him love. Will you consider a monthly sponsorship for this beauty?

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