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Permanent Resident

Partially Sponsored by

Linda Skow and Maureen Mehozonek

 Sassy was born on May 14, 2012, at precisely 6:52 a.m. It was a morning that will live in the hearts and minds of many around the world. Her dam, Mea Ola, rescued while she was pregnant, was on live streaming video camers that were watched by people in 34 states and 13 countries, via Mare Stare. ( Sassy's birth name is Lokahi Malulani, which is Hawaiian for "Uniter, Protected by God." We had intended to give her a barn name that was a short nickname for that, but by the age of 3 days, she had earned the name Sassypants! She was a feisty little filly, full of innocence and sass.


 We allowed her to stay with her mother until she was one year old. Then, for weaning, she was moved to a stall next to Mea Ola, where she could still nurse if Mea Ola allowed it. The weaning process was gradual and non-stressful for either one of them this way.


 Sassy is one of the most fortunate horses here. She has never known abuse or neglect. She has never known what it is like to be hungry or thirsty, as so many others have been before coming to Mea Ola's Place. Mea Ola was a wonderful mother to her, too. She always shared her food, and kept Sassy safe and secure. The stark difference in their histories tugged at my heart strings, and I made a promise to them both that nothing but death would ever separate them.  Sassy will remain a permanent resident here; she will not be adopted out. Sassy is sponsored to stay by Meaholics.


 Sassy is a sassy girl and a princess. She has a very extroverted personality, loves a good adventure, and is always willing to try new things. She adores people and has been useful in therapy sessions and in Kid's Camps. Sassy is extremely intelligent, learns very quickly, and even knows a few tricks. She is also very independant and not attached to any one horse. She has her best friends--Speedy, Tekka, and her mother, Mea Ola--and enjoys being with them at turnout time in the arena, where she also loves to run. Right now Sassy has a crush on one of the boarders (a handsome gelding named Joey, who is quite the "irresistible wicked dude.") Sassy has it all--looks and personality-- and has many fans from around the world. She is one of the favorites of guests here at the ranch. This girl will steal your heart.





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