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I Need a Sponsor

The first time we saw her and brought her food.

Carmen came to us in February 2016 when she was about 10 years old. She stands  13.2 hh and is just as sweet as they come.  She belonged to a lady in her 60's that had been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy. She had Carmen for 4 yrs and used to be able to ride her as well as provide for her. 
I got an emergency call about this situation from someone who was referred to us by Animal Control. The caller said Carmen had not eaten in two days and the owner had no money for feed. They also said she had not had her feet trimmed in 8 months (at least) as they had no money for farrier services. 
Thankfully, Carmen was not in bad shape...yet. Animal Control cannot seize a horse unless it is in imminent danger, starving, etc. so they referred the owner to us for help. 

We were able to bring them enough hay for Carmen to last a few days.

We were right in the middle of moving to our new location but in order to save Carmen we would need to raise some funds. Our supporters fell in love with Carmen and we were able to raise enough for a few months of feed, vet care and farrier costs in order to have her signed over to us and bring her to MOP.  

Update August 2018: Carmen was adopted and left us on 8/12/18 for a trial with her new forever family.  Here are pictures of her with her new family.

Carmen and her new boy.jpg
Carmen and her new boy 2.jpg
Carmen and her new girl.jpg

 Update September 2018 - Carmen is back! She was wonderful with her new family and they loved her so very much but she was not be able to perform at a level they needed/desired. We love her too and welcome her back with open arms!

Carmen is only adoptable as a companion horse. 

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