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May 2017

May 2018

Sponsored by Kendall R. 

Cassini is approximately 6 years old (2018). He was brought to auction by his owners because they could not handle his aggressive tendencies. When Mea Ola's Place rescued him from auction he was in bad physical condition. He was very aggressive and only Ann and Ken could enter his pen. During any MOP events, Cassini would have "Caution" tape on his tail to warn visitors not to try to pet him. He had a very difficult castration procedure in January 2018 where MOP almost lost him.   But Cassini received lots of tender loving care from Ann. She even slept on a cot outside his stall in case of an emergency. This is how MOP operates. Animals always come first! Cassini survived the  ordeal and now he is thriving. His aggressive tendencies have subsided since his castration. He is such a happy boy now. Lots of people have fallen in love with him.

October 2018
January 2018
May 2018
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