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Our horses come from a variety of rescue situations. We still have a few of the original nineteen rescued from Kern County Animal Control in 2012. Some have been hard to place for reasons of age, lameness, or medical issues. But those that have become permanent residents here have been rehabilitated, and are used in camps and therapy. We have many veterinary contacts and several veterinarians have asked us to save or place horses over the years. We have also taken in horses that were about to head to auction, whose owners may have passed away, or have been caught up in a serious situation that required re-homing their horses. We have also participated in group rescue efforts with other Rescues.

We have placed some of these horses in wonderful forever homes. We have walked the bridge with others, staying at their sides, comforting and loving them during their final moments here on earth. Here at Mea Ola's Place, every life matters, not just the adoptable lives. Some will live years, some only months, others may only have hours or days left. But, they will live forever in our hearts and the hearts of our supporters.

Many of our donkeys have come from the Bureau of Land Management. Some were pregnant when we got them and gave birth while at Mea Ola's Place. We have also rescued some from auction and others have been relinquished to us for various reasons. Some are used in Kid's Camps and many have been placed in forever homes. They are very popular with visitors too.


You will find each story in the drop down menu under "Our Animals." Prepare yourself to read a few stories that are truly miraculous! Just about every horse's story has educational value and we have provided several links for those wanting more information about various topics.  Mea Ola's Place is a place where miracles happen. 

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