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Tangy came to MOP when she was still in her mama's belly. CC, her mom, is a BLM donkey. She was 12 years old when she came to Mea Ola’s Place in the Fall of 2016.

CC gave birth to Tangy at MOP in the summer of 2017.  Tangy is one of the many miracles that has happened at MOP.  Tangy's birth was very quick. She appeared normal at first but rapidly started to decline. She was sleeping in odd positions (see photos), would sleep for hours if not awakened to nurse, and then could barely latch on. She even started to lose her suck reflex as the hours passed. Thanks to one of our vets who knew of the research about what was once termed "dummy foal"... we saved this precious life. She was administered the Madigan Squeeze within the first 2 days of her little life. It was once thought that a lack of oxygen at birth was the cause and many foals died or were put to sleep because of it. The truth is they can be saved with a simple rope! No kidding...Tangy is living proof.

Although she seemed a little slow for awhile, she is now healthy, happy and is the tallest of all the baby donkeys at MOP.   


Tangy found her forever family and was adopted in August 2018.

Omg! Tangy is running now!!! Just this morning I thought we were going to lose this little girl . I am shocked at how the Madigan Squeeze worked! It is so simple to do. It's just mind blowing and the difference is apparent immediately following the treatment. We had very slight improvement after the first squeeze, and then we did a second one. I was afraid to get my hopes up, but, she got up and nursed really well right away. She has been improving all day.

Absolutely incredible! Now, since the second Madigan Squeeze at 10:30 am, this baby is doing an about face! This is now the second hour in a row that I haven't had to wake her up to nurse also!!! The vet was here and was happy to see the progress.  What a brilliant man Dr. Madigan is to have figured this technique out. It is so simple, and FREE...and you are now all witnesses to the fact that it works. Amazing!

Once again, proof as to why it's so important to know the time of birth!  Had we come out and found her in the morning, we may have just thought that the wobbly and weak behavior could have been perfectly normal for a foal that was just born. 
Thank you to those of you that watch our live streaming cameras to help us keep an eye on the mamas and babies. 

Tangy before the Madigan Squeeze
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