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We All Need a Sponsor

In the summer of 2017, these  four were all part of the mare and foal pairs saved from a “kill lot."  Mea Ola’s Place was contacted by another rescue to ask if we could take one pair or more. There were sponsors to pay their bail.  We committed to taking two pairs before we discovered that these horses were in Louisiana. There are plenty of horses that need to be rescued in California, but we went through with our commitment.


The transport was difficult due to the record heat waves across the country. All four were in very bad shape making the trip even more dangerous.  The first stop made by the hauler was at a veterinarian to get a secondary health check to ensure they were cleared to travel.  Although the veterinarian cleared them to travel for 9 hours per day, our hauler limited the daily drive to 8 hours.  The hauler stopped overnight, every single night, so they could get out of the trailer and lay down, drink, stretch, etc.  In order to ensure their safe arrival at MOP, we took an extra day of travel, making the trip a 5-day ordeal. 


Upon arrival, both mares (Bella and Ruby) were emaciated with a body condition of 2 and both foals were thin, wormy and sickly.  Within 3 months, we got they were all in good health and with both mares nursing their babies (Dallas and Marilyn) all being in full body score conditions of 5. 


March 2018 - Dallas and Marilyn., both yearlings, are weaned. Dallas is a colt that will be castrated in early 2018.  They have come a long way...literally and figuratively. You can see how much they have grown in the pictures. They will all be available for adoption soon, but until then, they could really use a sponsor. 

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