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I Need a Sponsor

Crush is approximately 8 years old.  He is an OTTB (off the track) thoroughbred.  Off the track Thoroughbreds are ex-race horses. When a Thoroughbred's racing career is over, they often find second careers as pleasure horses, polo ponies, dressage horses, hunters and jumpers.


Crush ran and won his final race in March 2017.  It was a "claiming race."   He was owned by a veterinarian that helps out at Mea Ola's Place.  He "claimed" him and pulled him out of training to save him from breaking down.  He contacted Mea Ola's Place and asked us to include him into our family. We are delighted to have Crush here at MOP!

Now....he is available for adoption, but until he finds his forever family, he needs a sponsor. How about it? Would you like to sponsor him? 

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