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October 15, 2019 - Today Abby crossed Rainbow Bridge. We noticed that Abby has had urine in her blood  and a large soft mass protruding from her abdomen. She has lost a lot of muscle mass in a very short amount of time. She just hasn't been acting the same lately, even though she is in good spirits and excited for her meals. The vet was here today and said that her body is probably riddled with tumors. The vet estimated her age to be close to 40 (a little older than we thought). We never want to see our animals suffer and thought it was best for her to cross the bridge. She will be missed.

Abby was rescued in May 2017 from the Lancaster auction. We believe she was approximately 30 years old at the time.  She has partial blindness in her right eye and has been diagnosed with Cushing's Disease.   


In her early years Abby did “pack” and she is still rideable, but not for trails. We use Abby at Kid’s Camps where she has become a favorite. Abby would be available for adoption but only as a pasture pal.  Because she requires special feed, medicine and yearly testing for her Cushing's, the adopter must be willing to do all of these things, which can be expensive, but will help to keep Abby healthy.


In 2017, Abby participated in the Laverne July 4th parade and was voted “Best Equestrian. Both she and Gasston participated won "Best Equestrian" when they participated in the Laverne Historical Society Parade. 

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