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Sponsored by Tiffany Hoover
In Honor of Laddy the "Ladiator"

Today I am a very lucky girl. Not only did I get saved from auction yesterday (September 8, 2018), but I got a new name...Kamaya. It means "Precious One" in Hawaiian.  Oh...and something else that makes me very lucky is that I already have a sponsor. I am feeling pretty loved right now and I have a hunch it's just going to get better and better.

A friend from a local rescue was at Mike's Auction and saw me there. The people looking at me were "horse trippers." If you don't know what that is, click here. Someone from the other rescue contacted Mea Ola's Place to see if they could save me. Ann stepped up and so did MOP supporters. It's so nice when rescues work together. Ann picked me up today (September 9, 2018). I think I'm going to like her. Mea Ola's Place is my new home...unless I find my forever family.

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