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Sponsored by EJ Seifert

CC  is a BLM donkey. She was 12 years old when she came to Mea Ola’s Place in the Fall of 2016. She had baby Jasmine by her side and she was also pregnant. Jasmine has already  been adopted. 


While in the wild CC broke her foot around the fetlock. The injury healed, but her foot is crooked. Her real name is Crooked Candass, but we call her CC. 


CC gave birth to Tangy at MOP in the summer of 2017.  See Tangy's page for the miraculous story of her birth! 


Tangy found her forever family and was adopted in August 2018. CC is available for adoption. The person who adopts CC must have patience. History has shown us that older BLM donkeys take longer to become affectionate and really bond with people. 

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