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We do not have any donkeys who are pregnant right now. Our live stream camera is usually used to monitor them as they get close to foaling.

Burros (donkeys) can be pregnant anywhere from 11 to 14 months. 12 months is average. A female burro is called a jenny, a male is called a jack. A female donkey foal is called a jennet, a male foal a jack. When made a special "It's a Jack" or "It's a Jenny" baby sign that we hold up on the live stream camera when we have a birth at MOP. That way everyone watching gets to celebrate with us.


Some signs to watch for when birth is imminent: Tail straight out or straight to the side, mild pacing or circling, several bowel movements in a row. She will go down and start pushing. Sometimes she may stand to reposition the baby and go back down pushing. It is important to note the times when this starts so we can monitor for any signs of trouble. However, 95% of the time, they foal without complications and with no assistance. When she is in active labor, I will be watching from the cameras in my home to give her privacy. Once the foal is out and she stands, I will then go out and check them, help to dry the foal and apply betadine to its navel . However, if there are any problems during the birthing process, I will go out to assist her. Next, I want to make sure the foal stands within 45 minutes, latches on and nurses within 2 hrs of birth and has normal bowel movements. Sometimes the foals may need a saline enema, so it is important to watch them the first 24 hours for any signs of trouble.

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