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Sponsored by Tiffany Hoover

In October 2017, I was at Mike's auction. Mea Ola's Place was there bidding. There was a lady there who wanted me, who was also bidding, but was outbid by MOP.  At auction, t's not always possible to know who you are bidding against. When Ann learned that the other lady who was bidding was a private party and really wanted me, she offered to let her adopt me. I went home with Ann and stayed at MOP through a quarantine period. During that time, the vet gave me an examination, I was tested to see if I was pregnant and the farrier checked my feet. That time was also spent gentling me. I was pretty fearful when I first arrived at MOP. I wouldn't take food from anyone's hands...not even from Ann. I didn't even know what a carrot was.I was also afraid of my water bucket. At first, if anyone got too close, I would snort at them. 


Once my quarantine period was over, and I was sufficiently gentled, I was adopted by my new owner. I had a very nice home with her for almost a year, but life happens. My owners are moving and are unable to take me with them. That's okay with me because now I get to live at MOP. I hear that place is awesome! 

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