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Mea Ola's Place has held several camps each summer just for children. We incorporate education with crafts, games, and hands on fun with the horses. We teach safety first, and the kids learn about grooming, haltering and leading horses. They learn about different breeds, colors and parts of the horse via fun games. We teach them about various equipment, tack and riding as well. Many may be fearful at first, but soon you will see they are full of confidence!

We have had several experienced children attend the camps as well. Each child has come away with more knowledge, respect and love for horses than they may have had before. 


The camps also advocate friendships and teamwork. We encourage the children to take responsibility for themselves and to help with the preparation and clean up of craft times, snack and lunch, as well as putting everything in its place after games. Children ages 6-17 are welcome to attend our camps. Many have come back for second camps in the same year and we have some that won't miss a camp each and every year. We make each camp just a little different from the previous camp, so there is always something new to learn or a new adventure to be had... and new friendships to be made.

Please contact us if you are interested in having your child attend a camp. Early enrollment is preferred as camps tend to fill up fast. Summer camps are 4 days,  Monday through Thursday, from 8:30 am to 4 pm. We generally have a limit of 10 children per camp, however, we do hold special camps for groups that can vary in number. We even hold one day camp at other times during the year. In order to keep the camps affordable, we do ask that each family contribute food or drink items for the camps their child/children attend.


If we are able to have summer camps this year, prices for the 4-day summer camps are $185 for the first child and $150 for each additional child per family. A $50 deposit (per child) is required to reserve your spot.

Thank you to our volunteers and supporters for making these camps possible! The testimonials from campers and from their families will always put a smile on your face. These camps not only help to teach the next generation about responsibility, commitment, and compassion...but they also help to create future horse owners and advocates. It is our wish that our programs and mission will be duplicated in the future, ensuring that rescued horses can heal and help individuals in turn.

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