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"Miracles happen here.  We've all seen the horse miracles but there have been people miracles too."

- Judy Stevens

Teresa Cook  - October 23, 2018 

Incredible, consistent and solid animal love and care, community outreach that touches lives... this is a rescue that deserves support. I am proud to support this California rescue. Honest, transparent and approachable. Sustainable and responsible, the foundation of what horse rescue should be.

Nicole Weilhart - June 10, 2018

I love this place. So much heart!

Sirena Gidney April 27 , 2018

I really enjoyed coming out and Ann was very friendly I felt really welcome here, can't wait to come again! 

Karyn Sundsten - May 2, 2018

I want to thank Ann so much for her time this morning showing the husband and I around her facility! What a beautiful and peaceful home for all the horses and DONKS and all the other critters! Halia was the highlight of my visit, as sitting with her (and giving and receiving tons of kisses) and seeing her thriving in Ann’s care, brought so joy to my heart! Mae Olas place is the real deal, and is the epitome of what Rescue should look like.

Jess Jameson - April 22 , 2018 

They always give the Friday live tour of the facility. All animals look great! They are all happy, well cared for and loved! We need more places like this!

Jody Hall Wagstaff April 22 , 2018
The bird, the donks, and the classy way she took time to make sure her baby had a peaceful way over the bridge. These guys do amazing work!
Caity Zimmerman - April 22 , 2018 

MOP is kind, caring, and compassionate to their animals. I loved the mare cams on the donkeys and love seeing Friday update videos. Keep doing great things.

Marjorie Clinton - April 18 , 2018 

I love Mea Ola's Place! Such care & kindness is shown to the animals. They share videos of the animals which I enjoy.

Lori Lovdahl - April 16, 2018

I have been following horse rescues from all over. MOP is a 100% upstanding amazing rescue. These saved horses truly have a soft landing. They get seen by a vet and a farrier. They get exactly what they need. The care received by MOP and the training are phenomenal to say the least. Love this rescue and all they do for the horses. 

Sharron Lawson - April 16, 2018

I'm from the UK and love it when this rescue pops up in my newsfeed, always something special going on, Adore Ruh Roh and his antics, keep up the great work you all do

Vera Kalila - April 14, 2018

We partner and collaborate rescue to rescue - we love working with Mea Ola’s and are impressed with how Mea Ola’s is run. 

Louise Castello - March 5, 2018

By far one of the top rescues out there and owned by a kind and compassionate lady. 100% honest rescue.

Lyn Montgomery - March 4, 2018

MOP is a great rescue that cares for their horses, and works well with other local rescues. They always put the horses first.

Trish Geltner - March 7, 2018

I love you and think you are amazing. Many horses and donkeys are lucky to have you.

Sherry Lewis - January 21, 2018 

Went there today for the first time.Ann was very nice, explained about everyone there. Horse and donks are all in excellent shape, happy. Ranch is very nice. Can't wait to go back

Dawn Coder-Darden - February 26 , 2018

I had the opportunity to get out and see Mea Olas Place in person yesterday. I totally felt comfortable from the get go meeting Ann. The horses are well cared for and friendly. The grounds are clean and very well maintained. I had two unfortunate horse involved mishaps last year that left me injured both physically and mentally. This is what I need to get my brain back on track. Can’t wait to get back. Ann is doing a great job with every animal at the rescue. They all seem very happy, and feel safe and at home. Thank you for reaching these beautiful creatures

Adrienne Moore Dvm  - January 14, 2018 

Mea Ola's Place is what a rescue should be. Ann is a wonderful, compassionate person that pours her heart and soul into the care of the animals she saves. Watch the videos to get a glimpse into the love and dedication each critter is blessed with - donkeys, horses, mules, dogs, turkeys, the silly raven...

Laurie Berg - November 15, 2017 

What an amazing sanctuary and rescue. They are 110% committed to the well being of the animals, primarily horses and donkeys. I love that Mea Ola's Place offers equine therapy and day camps for kids.

Mary Orth La Torre - October 5, 2017 

I think Mea Ola's Place is awesome! I would like to suggest that if you would like to help try sponsoring a horse. If you can't afford to sponsor a whole horse ,then sponser half a horse. You get to choose front end or backend. I'm sponsoring the back half of Volt. I have been told I'm a horse's rear end before. Phahaha

Melanie Whitaker Marks  - September 17, 2017  

I have been involved in a fair number of rescues, and I am so impressed with Ann and MOP. I finally got to visit yesterday. Ann took a ton of time to show my friend and me around, introduce the animals, and explain things. The facilities are well maintained, animals are happy and obviously well cared for. I'm in love and look forward to being able to help out in the future. A ways away from me, but it is well worth the trip! Thank you Ann, and other volunteers for what you do at MOP.

Sara Williams - December 7, 2017 

After spending only 3 days volunteering at Mea Ola’s Place Rescue (MOP), an impression has been made that will last a life time! I have been a volunteer for various animal rescues for years and have become very fussy as to which I will support. MOP is in my top 5 and the only one for equines so this group is worthy of your attention and support.

I have never met a person like Ann that has such passion, love, determination and focus on her passion that she has had since her childhood. If there was an Olympic event for this, she would get the gold medal. Fortunately for the approximate 40 equines at any time, her passion is them. As director and owner of this non-profit, Ann works long hours and has many skill sets including being a vet tech for about 30 years. MOP also has many dedicated volunteers. As a horse owner, I can attest to the quality of care and love these horses, donkeys, and mules (along with a few other critters) are given. Ann helps those that others would “discard” and gives them a chance at a quality life. The adoption rate from MOP is amazing and is basically done by word-of-mouth. Take time and read some of the stories on MOP webpage and you will understand some of the challenges (and successes) faced by MOP.

I watched Ann hand out a minimum of 6 bales of hay per day and many, many buckets of various pellets. I can’t even begin to imagine the feed bill per week (and then there are the vet bills)! MOP is on my list to support whenever I can; hopefully, you will consider doing the same. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment to get a tour and see how awesome this volunteer operation is. If you can’t do this, try to follow MOP Facebook page where Ann gives weekly video updates. To sum it all up, I have been changed as a result of my 3 days at MOP!

Michel Renaud - September 17, 2017 

Stopped by last Saturday, called first and got a wonderful tour. Great explanation of what they did. Got to play with the baby donkeys . Enjoyed a great day outdoors. Hard workers take care of the place.

Cindy Bieber August 25, 2017 

I was so honored to meet Ann and get private tour of MOP. I've been a long time follower of MOP and I was NOT disappointed! I only wish I lived closer because you can bet I'd be there every day! Thank you Ann and Chris for everything you do!!

Gen Rod - June 30, 2017 

We had a wonderful visit at Mea Ola's Place. Jennifer gave us a great tour of the ranch. There is such a feeling of peace and contentment amoung the animals. Ann (Lalainia) Chris and all of the volunteers are doing such a fantastic job. They have saved so many animals lives and have given the ones that couldn't be saved a kind and respectful passing. They have also placed many more in thier new forever homes. This is a very special place made so by very special people. 
Thank you for all the hard work you do !

Janet Coffey Wright -June 6, 2017 

Last month our daughter celebrated her 8th birthday at the ranch and it was by far the best birthday party she has ever had! Not only did the kids have an a unbelievable time, but the adults all did as well! Ann and her crew are the most amazing and wonderful people and definitely went above and beyond providing an experience beyond our expectations! We, as well as many of our guests will be returning!

Trudi Moe Roser- November 27, 2016 

Mea Ola's Place is fabulous. I have been there several times, the people are great, the facility amazing. Anne and Chris have a genuine love for animals and are an amazing rescue. I can't say enough good about them. They are a Blessing to the community! Thank you!

Barbie Brennan - November 5, 2016 

Mea Ola's is a beautiful sanctuary for so many animals to heal. The ranch is filled with love and dedication for each new rescue or boarder. I have volunteered for different charities during my life time ... though the compassion at this ranch for the animals is phenomenal.

Kahnema Curren · March 12, 2017

We at Childhelp USA were invited to Mea Ola's place to spend a Saturday. They put so much work into the event. They even had tents put up in case it rained. Our kids were greeted by everyone clapping and cheering for them which of course they loved! The day was packed full of activities including painting horses, tic tac toe on the horses, making Valentine's cards, horse shoe crafts, tug a war, chariot races and feeding Rowdy yogurt! The kids thought that was hilarious! Mea Ola's place had a wonderful lunch for the kids. They served pizza, salad, and bread and even invited the children'sstaff to eat. It was so kind of them to invite us all into their home. The kids were given beautiful coloring books and goody bags to bring home and they even made a horse out of cupcakes!! The kids and staff at Childhelp truly appreciate the kindness shown by Mea Ola's place. Thank you for EVERYTHING! 

Michelle Keeney - September 20, 2016 

We are so wholly humbled by the outpouring of love and kindness shown by Ann at MOP and from our local community and beyond during the Blue Cut Fire Crisis. Thank you all for helping families move on and set up their new homes. God Bless you all.

Carole Dougherty - June 29, 2017 

I've been with Mea Ola's place from the beginning and shared many tears of joys and sorrows. I love the fact that it's had such a positive impact on the community. If you're near or far try and make a visit to Mea Ola's Place, you will see for yourself what a wonderful rescue it is.

Shawn Allen Polly - December 1, 2016  

This organization took care of my family when the Blue Cut Fire destroyed our house. They provided us with every basic need you can imagine. Ann you are one of the best woman I have ever had the chance to know. We love you and we know God will continue to bless you.

Jo Frazee-Rafferty · August 21, 2016

During the Blue Cut fire Ann and Chris were the best thing that ever happened to us. They only knew us from one visit to their open house months before, yet transported our six equines and gave food and shelter to them, my husband Jack and I, our four basset hounds, two cats, four geese and 10 chickens. The grounds are beautiful and clean, the volunteers are friendly and helpful. I could not recommend a better place or nicer people.

"I have personally experienced Ann Kline to be extremely responsible and caring for both large animals and small. I have been asked to examine and treat several horses for her over the last few years. Some of these have been boarders and others have been rescues. She cares for all of them alike and without compromise. Ann diligently follows prescription for the care of all of her animals.
I have also personally seen that the rescues that leave her place find a great home. This is aided by the fact that she carefully screens the places and owners that will provide for these rescues in the future. In addition, the help at her place is also carefully selected so that the standard of care continues even in her abscense.
Mea Ola's Place is personally my choice for the retirement of some of my favorite patients. My clients that yield to my advice to place them with her have also been very pleased when visiting their equine friends." 

"In my opinion, Mea Ola's Place functions in a manner that should stand as a standard for all rescues and boarding facilities."

                                       -  Sam Wittlin, DVM Orange County Sporthorse and Lameness

"My daughter too had an awesome time at the horse camp this summer. Everyday she'd come home with a new adventure they had and she loved it. Thank you Ann for the fun and amazing learning experience!"

-Christina Marie Anderson

"I will always treasure my time spent baby-sitting Rowdy, when he was a little foal. Without Mea Ola's Place, I would never have had an opportunity for this kind of experience!"

- Betty Fudala

" Lalainia "Ann" Kline was an employee of Desert Mountain for nearly three years. I have had the opportunity to work with and observe her interaction with animals both as a highly skilled veterinary technician and as President/Founder of Mea Ola's Place. Her commitment and compassion are unparalled in my experience. The level of care Ann provides for all animals in her charge is of the highest of standards. Supporters of Mea Ola's Place span the globe and often horses are on video up-links 24 hours a day. It is not unusual for supporters monitoring a mare from the other side of the world to contact Ann in the middle of the night to which she responds. Mea Ola's Place is a regular stop on our mobile equine rounds and we have authorization to provide any treatment we deem necessary."

"I enthusiastically recommend Mea Ola's Place as the preeminent choice for horse rescue and rehabilitation in the High Desert."

                                               -  Dennis Loveless, DVM  Desert Mountain Veterinary

"A great place for the horses because your heart is huge! Thanks Ann!"

-Barbara Walton

"After 6 months of trying to get to Mea Ola's place I got the chance to come and work for a month and I loved it more than anything I could have done. Great people, great horses, great time. I'll never forget it and I'll be back."

- Ian Cruickshank Russo

"Ann has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I have ever met! She will do anything and everything in her power to get horses back to health and happy again! Thank you"

-Allie Keen

"My daughter had the most amazing time learning and making friends 2 and 4 legged at horse camp. Mea Olas is amazing!"

-Tanya Schulte

"Both my daughters went to kids camp here. They learned what can't be taught in a classroom. Love of animals, compassion, honor and respect for all living and once living, sick and healthy. They came home happy and excited."

- Diane Berlin

"Yes indeed....the greatest miracles I have witnessed at Mea Ola's Place, is nothing short of AMAZING! Truly a wonderful place!"

-Adele Sikes Rodgers

"I wish it weren't so far. Kentucky is full of reasonably priced areas and water thankfully isn't an issue. But I know the stress of a major move like that wouldn't be good for anyone. I will say this group has been a happy place for me in some dark times and while I'm generally more of a lurker I love the transparency and love you have not only for the animals but for all of us here. You have a beautiful heart that most people are too jaded to show these days and it gives me hope. I am proud to support you in any way I can smile emoticon and yes you can use any or all of that statement any way you want."

- Tiffany Antle

"I have never been lucky enough to get to Mea Ola's Place, but have watched the miracles from afar. I have chronic pain issues and watch and sometime pray for results for some of these horses. Mea Ola, Rowdy and Spider are regulars in conversations with my Mom...she has watched them with me over the last couple of years."

- Susie Baumhardt

"I became acquainted with Mea Ola's Place just after Babs and Tilly's arrival. I was added to the group by my sister-in-law at a time when horses were not even on my radar. In fact, I knew absolutely nothing about them. So imagine my surprise when I discovered ... I love horses! Watching Ann and Chris love their horses back to health and work so diligently to perform the miracles we have been privileged to witness 
via Facebook has been a real game changer for me. I truly had no idea that people and animals (other than dogs and cats) could share such a strong level of connection. This discovery has caused me to rethink a lot of things in my own life, and for this I am grateful. Even the dark side - that is, the horrible abuses we humans subject these beautiful creatures to - has been it's own brand of needful education.

I have been to visit Mea Ola's Place twice now, and what a blessing it has been to me ... in my life. The first time I went to help with Rowdy, and found a friend in Ann. The second time, well ... although I was going to help out in any way I could, I was also going to visit my friends and take the opportunity to get to know their "eclectic family" (sing that to the tune of the Addam's Family, LOL) better. Both times I 
have left a changed person. Um, inside AND out. If you go there to work, you will find there is no end to the workload, and it is demanding! You won't need to visit the gym while you're there.

I just love Ann and Chris, and have met the best people through them. Through their Facebook pages, as well as at their ranch. As I am becoming a little more acquainted with the "horseworld", it seems to me true rescuers, in general, have hearts of gold and a beautiful outlook on life. Ann and Chris are no exception. I have learned so much (even about myself), felt so much and loved so much thanks in part to their willingness to open their hearts and their home to people such as myself. What they have accomplished with Dr. Sam Wittlin on behalf of Spider and Rowdy is most certainly miraculous. However, without Ann's unstoppable force of loving care and determination, these miracles would have never been realized. Thank you Ann ... Chris ... and all who contribute in any way to Mea Ola's Place. The kind words, the prayers, money, time, talent, friendship ... are all part of what make this place so special. And for the everyday miracles of love, laughter, care and 
devotion that are realized here daily ... I am thankful."

- Lisa Greaves

"I too found Mea Ola's Place via MareStare when Babs and Tillie arrived there. I was impressed by what Ann wrote about loving them before they even arrived, and getting all choked up when they did arrive. I watched them on the MareStare cams and then also got hooked by the Special Watch over Sassy when she got colic. Then I got busy and only checked in periodically, but on one such check I found Rowdy and then I was totally hooked and read the updates on the MareStare Msg Bd and then found the MOP facebook page and followed it.

Rowdy's story was amazing to follow in "real time" as it was unfolding and ongoing. We didn't know how it was going to end. Very nerve-wracking. It was wonderful watching all the little miracles and amazing recoveries. Oddly enough, I was also captivated by the Hawaiian theme because one of my On-line friends from another horse Forum lives in Hawaii. She also became a Rowdy follower. I also discovered that Mea Ola's Place was located in CA, where I also live.

In August last year when the Barbecue for Rowdy was announced, I looked it up to see how far away Mea Ola's Place was located from me and saw that it was only about 63 miles. It took me awhile to "get up the nerve" to make up my mind to go. I'm basically a shy person and was pretty deeply trapped in a serious depression, so I really had to push myself to do it. I was very favorably impressed, and Ann invited me to come back another time because I had to leave early in order to get home before dark as it's hard for me to see to drive against headlights in the dark. I went back at the end of October and again in December, and was thrilled to be able to feed yogurt to Rowdy. I attended several Senior Days in the winter and spring and have really enjoyed them."

- Virginia Hagler

I just want to say how excited (and worried) about all the changes taking place at Mea Ola's Place. I cannot believe how far you have come from that day long ago when I just happened to click on that camera and found such a beautiful (and pregnant) might even say love at first sight! But what kept me really coming back each and every day to follow her progress, was the knowledge and gentleness I found in Lalainia Ann Kline's care for her. This same care I have watched over and over again...through Rowdy, Spider (man), Tilly, Babs and many more. Each and every horse is so different than the next but all treated with the same love and gentle care. That same gentle care has been evident in the programs that have been developed...senior days, kids days, therapy days...each one bringing hearts of horses and humans together.Meaholics also has helped me on a personal level since it is my get-away when life gets out-of-hand. As some of you know my husband has Progressive MS and there is no better therapy when I feel down then to visit MOP to share, talk, watch or just listen. I just want to wish Ann and Chris all the best for this move. I know it is happening because there are bigger and better things planned for you and Mea Ola's Place!


- Linda Frei


"I have been with MOP about 4 years. This is an awesome group of caring, loving and encouraging ladies and a few men. They not only care for Ann, Chris Wright and the horses in her care, but also the members. Last year as I was going thru some really ruff times. My Husband was suddenly taken very ill and in two weeks he passed away. They were there for me with encouragement, Prayers and even a picture of Rowdy wishing Mr Rudd get well wishes, ( I'll Never forget EJ Seifert.) I love sending what I can to help. Yes, I was watching as that beautiful little Sassy was born. I only wish I could travel to MOP and get a hug from a special lady Lalainia Ann Kline I have admired for years.. Thank you Ann!"

-Juanita Rudd

"WOW.....Ann, it has been almost four years! The M.O.P. Family has come a "long way baby". And it all started with that "baby" Sassy for me. I really feel a deep connection here. It was not just by accident, while just "surfing" the net that I found my MOP family. There is not enough room here or words to express what we have gone through together. While Lalainia Ann Kline has gone through all the physical part of caring for our heard, we all have been part of the mental stress too. My welcome statement to our new Meaholics has been: "grab a handful of mane, get up and hold are in for a wild ride". My husband has asked me more than I can count, what I was watching at two a.m. on our computer. He is not a horse person. But, he knows I am and trays to understand where I am coming from. He was impressed with my dedication to shift watching.
I was just thinking we need to write a book. But, it would be too large to hold and read. So guess we need several books. The first one would have to be, BraveAnn and Nineteen. Mea Has A Baby. Chaos - Ann Moves The Farm. If you were around at the time, you know what all went down....nuff said. A New Start - Sassy Grows Up. Adopted - A New Home. What To Do When Your Out Of Money. Survivors-Humans and Horses. Not Just Horses: Cats, Dogs, and Ravens. Rowdy Has A New Family. A Spider With Four Legs. Guess the next book will be..."On The Road Again"! 😀
And I think our next survivor's name should be Willie Nelson. Just doesn't hurt to ask around if anyone knows of an Ark available for rent. Chris Wright has a truck, so will not need to rent something to pull it 🚜. Never a dull moment......grab some mane, get up and hold on are in for a wild ride. ((()))"

- Linda Stanley Justice


"When I found Mea Ola's Place on marestare I just thought of it just as another cam to watch, boy was I wrong! About two weeks in Ann put on Marestare that she needed help in the middle of the night since she was so exhausted. So a few members including me watched the cams until 1 am making sure that Ann got up to do Mea Ola's treatments. I and others did this for the last six weeks, calling Ann if she needed a second alarm clock. Then in early May after I was exhausted from watching, my phone rang off the hook. Finally after ignoring the first call I got up and realized that Sassy was born!  Little did I know that just another cam could turn into a 500 plus page thread on marestare then because we were too much for Marestare I created a facebook group with help naming it and help from Ann and others. The Meaholics have gone thru a lot together but just like a tight knit family most of us are still here today! In September 2015 I finally got to meet Ann and her amazing fiance, Chris. I was supposed to go to Disneyland (I am from Washington) but my plans did not work out so I messaged Ann to see if I could come there ans she said yes! When I arrived I received a big hug from Ann and felt like family from the first moment. It usually takes me a while to warm up, but it was like I had known her for 3.5 years in person vs just online and from talking on the phone. I loved my trip so much that I am going back in December! While I was there I helped feed the horses, bathe Mea Ola(who I cal Mama) and I got to groom Sassy Pants! My love for the horses grew so much in those 4 days.

In closing, Mea Ola's Place has helped me grow as a vet assistant in Washington State and is also a huge family."

-Franz Shultz

"I have been a volunteer at Mea Ola's Place for 3 amazing years. Words to describe Mea Ola's Place are hard to come by but it has been the most rewarding and amazing experience. I've been around horses for 20 years but I have learned so much from Lalainia Ann Kline and Chris Wright. Not only have I been privileged enough to be a part of their operation and see how many lives (both human & animal) have been touched and changed through rescue, rehab and therapy but I have been blessed enough to witness it first hand with my own children. One of my children in particular had a very difficult year last year. Ann has worked with her on multiple occasions and over the last few months the child I once knew has reemerged. To see her confidence and happiness come back has been a gift from God through Mea Ola's Place, the horses and Ann and Chris as well. The experiences and love both my children and I have gained will last a life time. I am so grateful and honored to be a part of a group of such wonderful people and an organization with such a worthy cause. Thank you Mea Ola's Place you are our Ohana!"

- Kayla Sawyer

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