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March 2017

Sponsored by Kathy Wilson

Well, we had our first real auction experience last night. We were just learning the ropes and I swore we wouldn't be bringing any home this time. I didn't get a buyer's number, I didn't bring our trailer. We had a very warm reception by the 3 other rescue groups present, Joey's Home, Forgotten Horses, and Love This Horse.


I spent about 3 hours before horses started selling, in the back, just comforting them and praying they all would get into the right hands. I noticed this mare get excited as she saw people approaching. Ears forward and walking to the edge of her corral each time she saw a human coming, only to turn in sadness because she didn't recognize them. Over and over she was looking for her humans that dropped her there and left.  About 2 hours later, she had given up and just kept pacing. I wrote her number down, as well as a couple of others. I sat with the other rescues and let them know that if any of these were in danger and not spoken for by them or their followers, that MOP absolutely had to step up for them. There were several private buyers and rescues there, so I was hopeful. 

First ones through were the Donks. When it looked as if there was going to be no interest in the last two, I had one of the other rescues bid for us. Two Donks right off the bat! Great! We didn't bring a trailer. No worries, someone sitting right next to us offered to haul. Horse after horse went to a rescue or private buyer and then "she" came in. I turned to Trish and said "go for it." Boom! Saved her. $300

March, 2018 - She has been diagnosed with DSLD and has been a bit of a challenge but is really coming around. Definitely a mare!  Love her to pieces though!

September 2018 - Ruth has found a special family and will have a special job. Ruth will be on a feed lease/foster as a companion horse! One of the family horses recently crossed the bridge and left their gelding sad and lonely. Ruth will remain with her family until their older gelding crosses the bridge. It could be years.  Ruth will then come back to MOP. Here she is with her new family. 

Ruth 6.jpg

Update October 12, 2018 - 

Ruth settled right in at the foster family's place and befriended the lonely gelding right away. Because of her DSLD, we were really skeptical whether this would be a good fit with the hills on the property. There is plenty of flat area, but she prefers to go up and down the hills and guess what? The swelling in her fetlocks has completely diminished!

It is recommended that DSLD horses are not kept in a stall all of the time. Here she had lots of turn out time with her friends, but once they were out a day or two, she didn't move around all that much. It's turns out this has been a great thing for her! We couldn't be more pleased!

January 2019 - Ruth was Keeper's companion until he crossed the bridge the first week of January 2019. She was well loved while with the Wilson family. Ruth is now back at MOP. We are happy to have her back.

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