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Gracee is a 5 year old  OTTB  and stands 15.2 hh. Last year (2017) Dr. Sam bought Gracee to save her life. She had pleuropneumonia. He spent three solid weeks caring for her and treating her himself. If you have followed MOP, you will know that Dr. Sam also saved Rowdy, Spider and Mama Mea Ola. Gracee was so fortunate to have Dr. Sam. He is a miracle worker. 

Gracee was co-owned by Dr. Sam and Joan from My Best Horse. She raced a few times this year but they decided that Gracee should be retired while she was still sound. They both know that her chances of finding a good home will depend on her soundness. 

She arrived straight from the track this morning (July 4, 2018) and she will spend the next couple of months just being a horse.









Update - February 9, 2019  

This gal thinks she has gone from Princess to Tom Boy and I am so proud of her!
Gracee came here last summer straight off the race track. She had enjoyed a life of comfort. A bedded stall in a barn, a somewhat controlled climate, fly control, and had never even had dried sweat on her body. This girl is a Diva and only knew red carpet treatment. While they are all treated so well here, it was nothing like what she was used to.

Her first couple of months here were hard for her. While she enjoyed the new views, friends, room to run and was very hot and life was very different. She had to be fly sprayed twice a day because she couldn’t deal with flies at all. We had to bring in more sand and dirt for her corral because she couldn’t take the hard ground. She got the shadiest stall on the property in addition to her sheltered stall and still, the sun bleached her “black” coat. I swear it was as if that broke her heart. I could hear her saying, “My beautiful coat, what has happened to my beautiful color?”
The first few months of turn outs resulted in about 40 minutes of cool down time. She absolutely had to be hand walked and Lord help us if she didn’t get washed off quick enough! This girl would throw a complete tantrum (feet flying everywhere, head tossing, name it!)until every bit of sweat and dirt was washed off. Then she insisted on being towel
As the days started to cool and some days it was just to cold to be washed off...we started to help her learn that no girl ever died from a little dry sweat. She would get toweled off...and then, stay out of our way while we walked for cool off because this girl still threw a tantrum. We finally got warm water in the barn and I decided to wash her off every other time instead of every time. Of course she always got a good grooming whether washed off or not, but, she still preferred to be clean as a whistle and to be WASHED off.
This last month she now prefers her walks over her turn out time. During cool off after play time, she walks like a very proud lady now...and it’s almost as if she is telling everyone, “Look, I can do it! I have a little sweat and I can HANDLE THIS!  
Anyway, she now will stand quietly and be toweled and brushed like a REAL horse. She walks with all four feet on the ground and tantrums are a thing of the past. 
She has come a long way. That Princess to Tom Boy journey...but don’t be fooled...once a Diva, always a Diva!❤️

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